EEHarbor Acquires DevDemon

We're very excited to announce that EEHarbor has acquired DevDemon!

Over the last few years, there have been a lot of changes in the ExpressionEngine community; add-on developers have switched platforms, focused more on client work, or left add-on development entirely.

We want to assure you that both Vector Media Group and EEHarbor are committed to the future of the ExpressionEngine community, building great add-ons, and providing the best support possible!

Vector will retain ownership of CartThrob and Expresso Store while EEHarbor will take ownership of Campaigns, Channel Files, Channel Images, Channel Polls, Channel Ratings, Channel Videos, Credits, Editor, Entry Mapper, Forms, Forum Subscribe, Hits, Mega Upload, Smart Switch, Subscriptions, Tagger, Updater, and Visitor.

In addition to acquiring the DevDemon add-ons, EEHarbor will also be acquiring the MightyBigRobot add-ons: Affiliator, Catchall, Champagne 2, Field Editor, Geofinder, Geotagger, and Profile:Edit.

While not all of the add-ons will be maintained or upgraded to EE3/EE4, we will try to provide migration options for customers currently using these add-ons.

As of today, the DevDemon brand and website have been shut down and all licenses for the aforementioned add-ons have been transferred to your account on

As you know, EEHarbor already has some of the most trusted add-ons and we're excited about this opportunity to further the ExpressionEngine community!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at!


The EEHarbor Team

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