• Mega Upload

Looking to upload huge files to an ExpressionEngine entry? Mega Upload to the rescue! Mega Upload allows you to take a single field and upload files of any size to a single field. The field shows upload progress and does not require the entry to be submitted to upload.

* True upload limit is based off your web hosts max_upload & max_post_size limitation. Please check with your web host provider to determine your limit.


  • mega_upload


  • MegaUpload requires ExpressionEngine 2.3.1 or newer


  • ExpressionEngine Fieldtype
  • Upload Extremely Large Files
  • Progress Bar During Upload
  • Super Simple Fieldtype With No Configuration
  • SAEF with Safecracker 1.0.3+
  • Restrict Uploads to Certain File Types
  • Upload Complete Jquery Event

Mega Upload In The Wild!

Current Version 2.5.5

Add-on Supports: