Structure Changelog

Version 4.1.12

Bug Fix

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with fresh install not setting default timestamp on tree

Version 4.1.11

New :nav Param and Reverted Old Fix

What's New
  • Added 'strict_start_from' param that can be set to "yes" so if your "start_from" param is not found, Structure will not return the default top-level tree
What's Changed
  • Reverted old fix that was added to remove the "index.php" from fieldtype entries. To remove your index page, change your EE's index page config value instead.

Version 4.1.10

Bug Fix

What's Fixed
  • Fixed rare validation issue preventing use of 'Use Structure' cleanup method when an orphaned entry in the EE URL Routing existed with no matching Channel Entry or Structure Entry

Version 4.1.9

Visual Upgrade

What's Changed
  • Changed the visual UX of the reordering mechanism

Version 4.1.8

Bug Fix

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with Structure Redirect when using "Cookies & Session" in the "Security & Privacy" settings

Version 4.1.7

Validation Upgrade & Bug Fixes

What's New
  • Added overlay when sorting to prevent trying to sort a 2nd time when 1st sort hadn't finished
  • Added sort timestamp to prevent 2+ users or single user with multiple Structure pages open from sorting old data over newer data
  • Added Validation hooks so other add-ons can display Structure-related validation info
What's Fixed
  • Added JS to populate blank Structure URL field when certain add-ons create entries outside the normal EE entry flow

Version 4.1.6

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed greedy child page grabbing the default homepage as parent when it only needed it's old existing parent instead (or none)

Version 4.1.5

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with '{structure:page_url_for:XX}' not applying trailing slash properly
  • Patched against EE Core Bug when deleting members can sometimes fire the 'save()' method with NULL data for Structure entries

Version 4.1.4

Bugfix & New Hook

What's New
  • Added hook calls for `structure_generate_page_url_end` to allow other add-ons to modify the Structure URL if necessary
What's Fixed
  • Fixed failure to activate Structure Extension hook for `after_channel_entry_save` in order to setup new Structure Redirect data

Version 4.1.3

Bug Fixes & Validation Upgrade

What's New
  • Added display of URL mismatches between EE and Structure
  • Added display of duplicate URLs in EE's `site_pages`
  • Added Template ID Validation to show which entries are missing an associated template_id
What's Changed
  • Upgraded validation to also display listing entries missing from Structure
What's Fixed
  • Fixed errors when listing entries are associated with templates that no longer exist

Version 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with Structure "Redirect to Structure on entry publish/save" when EE's "CP Session Type" is set to "Cookies and Session ID"

Version 4.1.1

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed Validation repair issue when there were entries in Structure but no entries in EE at all

Version 4.1.0

Structure's upgraded Validation system can now fix most Structure Tree issues, even if they already exist. Also includes a number of bug fixes.

What's New
  • Added access permissions for users being able to access Nav History and Validation
  • Validation system now gives you the choice to fix your Structure Tree with what ExpressionEngine has or fix ExpressionEngine with what Structure has
  • Added `structure_url_title` and `template_id` to `exp_structure` table for data integrity checks
  • During upgrade to Structure 4.1.0, Structure syncs `structure_url_title` and `template_id` with your current `site_pages` array data
What's Changed
  • Massively upgraded Validation system
  • Changed Structure's "Redirect to Structure on entry publish/save" to set flashdata and redirect on next page load using `sessions_end` instead of `after_channel_entry_X` hooks to prevent issues with other add-ons
What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue where the Structure URL changed if the Page Title was edited in EE3
  • Fixed conflict with other add-ons using the `after_channel_entry_update` hook
  • Fixed check for `ee()->extensions->last_call` to accept NULL as response
  • Suppressed error when template_id is not available for a specific channel
  • Fixed Structure using full URI of parent/child when Channel Form Layout hides Structure URL field
  • During upgrade to Structure 4.1.0, we check and change the type of your `exp_sites` `site_pages` column from TEXT to LONGTEXT to prevent data truncation/corruption of your `site_pages` array when you have a lot of pages in Structure

Version 4.0.3

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Reverted the fix for the entry hook as an EE hook ordering issue introduced a bug when saving categories and the Structure URL

Version 4.0.2

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with EE3 not remembering open/closed state of Structure tree

Version 4.0.1

Bug Fixes

What's New
  • Adds integration with EE3's Menu Manager to add Structure to your control panel menu!
What's Changed
  • Extracted extension functions into a format that's easier to manage going forward.
What's Fixed
  • Fixed error when reordering entries associated with listing channels after the channel has been deleted
  • Stopped using `after_channel_entry_save` hook for the "Redirect to Structure on entry save/publish" in favor of `after_channel_entry_insert` and `after_channel_entry_update` as the `_save` hook was firing before `_update` causing issues with other add-ons that relied on the `_update` hook

Version 4.0.0

Release Version!

What's Fixed
  • Added query caching to commonly run structure queries to increase performance
  • Fixed "Add first page" from the channel settings page when there were no pages generated a bad link
  • Fixed page variable error in the structure:paginate tag (deprecated)
  • Fixed undefined index warnings when getting the template_id

Version 4.0.0-b.12

Bug Fixes

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with ee() not being declared in older EE installs.
  • Fixed redirect issue with "Save" and "Save and Close"

Version 4.0.0-b.9

Bug Fixes for Listing pages

What's Fixed
  • Fixed a few issues where {base_url} was part of the URL
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally lead to Listing URL's being incorrect

Version 4.0.0-b.8

Bug fixes for Page URL and Parent URL tags

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with {structure:page:url} and {structure:parent:url} tag
  • Fixed edge-case install bug

Version 4.0.0-b.7

Bug fix for retrieving listing pages

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with listing pages not being loaded properly

Version 4.0.0-b.6

Bug fix for assets theme path

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with theme path for assets in accessory file sometimes returning the wrong path

Version 4.0.0-b.5

Bug fix for EE2 listing entries

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue creating a listing entry in EE2

Version 4.0.0-b.4

Bug fix for {base_url} showing up

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with {base_url} tag showing up instead of rendered URL

Version 4.0.0-b.3

Bug fix for EE3 with PHP7 and MySQL 5.7+

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with nav history restored date column throwing a SQL error in MySQL 5.7+

Version 4.0.0-b.2

Bug fix for EE2/EE3 CP URL discrepancy.

What's Fixed
  • Fixed issue with EE2/EE3 using incorrect URL for viewing Structure Listings in EE control panel

Version 4.0.0-b.1

We’re happy to announce the first beta of Structure with ExpressionEngine 3.x support. This release is an update for both ExpressionEngine 2.x and 3.x. This release includes navigation history as well as many bug fixes. There are currently NO known bugs or issues with this version of Structure, and we anticipate it being a short beta.

What's New
  • ExpressionEngine 3.x support
  • Unified EE2 & EE3 code base
  • Added More robust validation / debug tools for users
  • Added Navigation history (you can now roll back to any navigation state you had in structure)
  • Added Rob Sanchez Structure Nav to the core to allow for customizable navigation markup
What's Changed
  • When removing a page from Structure - changed “Delete" to “Remove" making the act less confusing (since it never actually deleted the entry). Also added the "Note: Does not delete channel entry" to the "Remove Page" confirmation modal.
  • Started using hook for ‘after_channel_entry_save’ handles the EE3 "Redirect to Structure on entry publish/save”
  • Changed “Debug” to “Validation” and made it always visible
  • Changed the way Structure pages we’re submitted in the ExpressionEngine control panel to remove issues with users hitting the PHP max_post_vars and corrupting their site_pages array
  • Updated code base to run on EEHarbor Foundation
What's Fixed
  • Previously, entries in a listing channel still displayed the Listing Channel dropdown which caused an error when trying to save if the original listing channel was not associated with a parent page
  • Previously, if you changed a channel to "Unmanaged" and clicked "Save Channel Settings", it prompted you to confirm unmanaging the channel but it already had done so (without removing the channel entries though).
  • Changing a Channel to "unmanaged" from "listing" did not remove the listing entries associated with that channel from the exp_structure_listings table.
  • Fixed a bug with parent_id being an array sometimes
  • Fixed multiple bugs where array data wasn’t checked before being used

Version 3.3.19

Full Changelog available at