Assets 3

November 1, 2016

Today we are pleased to release Assets 3 for ExpressionEngine 2 & 3.

Not only is Assets 3 now available for purchase immediately on, but it’s also PHP 7 compatible and integrates with Ansel, a great add-on for cropping and modifying images on the fly.

For those of you who have purchased the Mega Pack, Assets 3 is available in your account already!

Assets 3 is also available for purchase individually. The price will remain at $99 per site. If you already own Assets, you can upgrade to Assets 3 during the beta for a discounted rate of $79 (please note, this is in your Account section on

While our internal testing has proven Assets 3 to be very solid, we’ve decided to call this a beta simply because it hasn’t been battle tested broadly yet. We anticipate this being a short beta period.

We also want to note that anyone who has purchased Assets since June 2016 will receive a free upgrade. Just log into your account section on and download the new version today!

As the new owners of Assets, we’ve worked hard to port it to ExpressionEngine 3, and are excited about what’s planned for Assets 4 as well!