ExpressionEngine Upgrade Services

ExpressionEngine 2 was retired over 18 months ago. ExpressionEngine 3 will be retired on December 14, 2018 and ExpressionEngine 4 is now legacy software. You need to stay up to date to stay safe.

In the world we live in, we can't underestimate how important it is to stay on top of security patches and updates. The US government estimates that cyber hacks cost up to $109 Billion dollars in 2016 alone. In April of 2017, EllisLab retired ExpressionEngine 2, which means it will no longer receive security updates, feature additions, or be updated to support the newer versions of PHP your hosting company requires.

As of December 2018, ExpressionEngine 3 will also enter retirement. As such, it will no longer receive updates of any kind; including security. On November 19 2018 ExpressionEngine 4 officially entered Legacy mode with the release of ExpressionEngine 5. If you haven't upgraded to ExpressionEngine 5, now is the time.

Having upgraded many ExpressionEngine sites, we've developed a skill and tool set that is second to none. If you have a difficult site, custom add-ons, e-commerce, or add-ons that are no longer supported, we've been there and have crossed those bridges.

Upgrading to ExpressionEngine 5 has many advantages over its retired (or soon to be retired) counter parts including:

  • Security updates
  • Fluid fields
  • Bulk editing
  • Live preview
  • One click updates
  • More customizable control panel
  • Support for newer versions of PHP
  • Requires fewer add-ons
  • Unprecedented reliability
  • New control panel

Our personal favorite additions:

Live Preview

The ability to see your content in the context of your site as you edit it.

Fluid Fields

Once you have fluid fields implemented, you can use any custom field you want as you create or edit entries.

EEHarbor offers upgrade services to help you make the transition from ExpressionEngine 2, 3 & 4 to ExpressionEngine 5 as easy as possible!

  • FREE current site audit & quote
  • Upgrade and migration of content to EE5
  • FREE Upgrade of all EEHarbor add-ons
  • Upgrade of live site
  • Full testing of site locally
  • Source upgraded versions of third-party add-ons
  • Backup of your existing site
  • Content similarity report for your upgraded site compared to the live one

What if I'm looking to upgrade a lot of sites?

Not a problem! Over the last few years over the course of upgrading many ExpressionEngine sites we've built a suite of tools that allow us to streamline upgrades. Drop us a line and we'd be happy to chat specifics!

Are my custom Add-ons going to create issues?

When upgrading sites custom add-ons can add an additional level of complexity. Our team is well versed in add-ons and what it takes to update, migrate to another alternative, or drop them completely. We would be happy to discuss your add-ons and the best path forward.

Add-on upgrades are available on your Account page once you login to EEHarbor.com.
If you don't see you licenses or are having trouble accessing your account, email us at