Charge 3.0.0 is now available!

September 9, 2019

Charge v3, updated for the new Stripe SCA requirements, is now available!

The Stripe SCA requirements add a new dynamic to the checkout flow, allowing European customers to verify their payments with their bank directly.

With this update also comes a fundamental change in how the Charge credit card fields are implemented, now using the Stripe Elements system, Charge creates the fields on-the-fly, ensuring that no sensitive cardholder information ever hits your server.

We encourage customers to start updating their sites right away and report any issues they find. We have had great feedback from our beta testers and have added extensive integration testing to make sure Charge is working as intended. We are going to be extending our integration tests to cover more unique use cases over the coming weeks. If you encounter any bugs or implementation specific issues, please reach out to us!

NOTE: You MUST update your integration for the new Charge v3 to work properly. Please review the migration instructions located here: