Playa 5

February 14, 2017

Today we're pleased to announce the first release of Playa for ExpressionEngine 2 & 3.

With this update, Playa is now a unified codebase supporting both ExpressionEngine 2 and 3, making site upgrades with Playa simple. We also added MySQL 5.6+ and PHP 7+ support.

For those of you who have purchased the Mega Pack, Playa 5 is available in your account already!

Playa 5 is also available for purchase individually. The price will remain as it always has at $69 a site. If you already own Playa, you can upgrade to Playa 5 for a discounted rate (Please note, this is in your Account section on

We also want to note that any Playa purchases in the last year will receive a free upgrade. Just login to your account section on and download the new version today!

The main goal of this upgrade was to provide a simple path to upgrade existing sites currently running Playa from ExpressionEngine 2 to ExpressionEngine 3.