Structure 4

September 1, 2016

It's our pleasure to announce the first official beta of Structure 4.0.0 for ExpressionEngine 2 & 3 available exclusively on

While our internal and alpha testing phase has been very solid, we've decided to call this a **Beta** because it simply hasn't been battle tested broadly yet. The length of the beta will depend on feedback, though our intention is for it to be as short as possible.

Structure 4 is now available for purchase! The price will remain, as it always has been, $65.00. If you already own Structure, you can upgrade to Structure 4 during the beta for a discounted rate of $45 (in the Account section on EEHarbor.  Take a peek at these instructions for further details). It's also included in the Mega Pack, so you can go that route and start using it wildly and in an unlimited fashion today too!

ALSO, anyone who has purchased Structure since June 2016 will receive a free upgrade.

Structure 4 is not just a port to EE3, though that certainly was a large part of our development efforts. We have some killer new features to show off too. Our favorite is Navigation History. You can now roll backwards and forwards through all the history states of your navigation. For more details, check out the docs, and take a peek at the changelog!

We've also crushed some long standing, hard to track down bugs. With Structure 4, we changed the way the Structure nav data is processed so tree corruption is less likely. Thank goodness.

We also want to send a special Thank You to Immerge Technologies for sponsoring the conversion of Structure to ExpressionEngine 3!

As the new owners of Structure, we've worked hard to improve it and will continue to do so. We're excited to put this in your hands, and sites!