Structure 4.1.0 Released

February 13, 2017

This release is packed with a number of enhancements to ensure the integrity of your Structure data and to help repair existing issues. We've also fixed some bugs with Channel Layouts, conflicts with other add-ons, and Structure URL issues.

We have not had any reports of Structure-caused corruption since the release version of Structure 4! With this upgrade, Structure is now capable of repairing a previously corrupted install; including corruption caused by importing entries!

We've upgraded the Validation system to now offer you the choice for repairing either Structure or EE URL Routing*. You can now choose between restoring EE URL Routing with what Structure has a record of, or updating Structure with what EE URL Routing has on file.

View the full changelog for more details!

* EE URL Routing refers to ExpressionEngine's `site_pages` array. The `site_pages` array is an encoded index of what ExpressionEngine uses to handle URL routing on your site. Occasionally this can get out of sync with Structure or become corrupted altogether.