Channel Polls Documentation

Channel Polls Documentation

Installation and Updating


  1. Within the /system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory, copy the channel_polls folder into your sites ./system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory.
  2. Within the /themes/third_party/ directory, copy the channel_polls folder into your sites./themes/third_party/ directory.
  3. Go to the Modules area in the ExpressionEngine control panel, find Channel Polls in the list, and click Install.


  1. Within your sites ./system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory, delete the channel_polls folder and upload the new one from the /system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory in your download package.
  2. Within your sites ./themes/third_party/ directory, delete the channel_polls folder and upload the new one from the /themes/third_party/ directory in your download package.
  3. Go to the Modules area in the ExpressionEngine control panel and click the Run Module Updates button.

Overview of Tags

Channel Polls has two main template tags.  The template tags take care of two main functions. Create a new vote or display poll results.

New Vote Tag

This template tag renders the form to submit a new vote.

Display Poll Tag

This template tag renders the form to submit a new vote.

Add Channel Polls Field

Adding the Field

To add Channel Polls to your Channel simply add the field and select Channel Polls from the fieldtype choices. Once you make the choice you will see the following field type setup (as of v. 2.7.4).

Channel Polls Field Settings

Channel Images has several <i>Fieldtype Settings</i>. The following is a list of the options.

1) Allow users to vote more than once

- By default is set to "No". It will only allow the selected member groups to only vote once.

2) Allow users to vote on multiple answers

- Limit the answer to only choice or allow multiple answer choices

3) Which member groups are allowed to vote

- Selection choices for allowed member groups. Those not selected will not be able to vote.

4) Poll Result Answer Order

- Order in which the "answers" (answers are the voted items for a poll) show. Default is the same order as you enter them.

5) Show Poll Result

- Choose when you would like the poll results to be shown.

6) Poll Result Chart Type

- Channel Polls includes built-in Google Charts options. 

7) Chart Settings

- Choose the width and height and background color of your charts. Transparent is not supported.

8) Answer Colors

- Color of your answers. 

Using the Channel Polls Field

When creating an Entry within ExpressionEngine you will be shown the Channel Polls fieldtype.

To create a poll you must have possible answers. By default you will have four answer choices. You can remove rows by clicking delete, the red X, or you can add rows by clicking "Add Answer", the green +.

The Poll Settings tab allows you to override any of the default settings setup in the fieldtype. 


Having problems setting up and/or using Channel Polls? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at and we will respond as quickly as we can.