Channel Ratings Documentation

Like - Top Channel Entries Tag



Parameter Description
channel Limit the list by a specific channel.
channel_id Limit the list by a specific Channel ID (faster, one less query).
custom_fields Here you can specify which custom fields to grab from you channel entries. To specify multiple fields, separate fields with the pipe character.
status Limit entries by their status. To specify multiple status, separate status with the pipe character.
collection Limit by rating collection. Default is "default".
limit This parameter limits the number of items on any given page. The limit will default to 30 entries if a value is not specified. Default is 30.
backspace Backspacing removes characters (including spaces and line breaks) from the last iteration of the loop. For example, if you put a
tag after each entry you’ll have this:
prefix This parameter allows you to change the default variable prefix used. This is especially useful when you are nesting tags to avoid variable collisions. Default is "rating".


Variable Description
{rating:entry_id} The entry ID
{rating:entry_title} The entries title
{rating:entry_date} The entry date For date variable info see:
{rating:CUSTOM_FIELD} Replace CUSTOM_FIELD with the field you want. The ones you specified in the custom_fields=”” parameter
{rating:likes} The total number likes
{rating:dislikes} The total number dislikes
{rating:total_votes} The total number of votes
{rating:channel_id} The channel ID of the entry
{rating:channel_name} The channel short name of the entry
{rating:channel_title} The channel title (label) of the entry
{rating:channel_url} The channel URL of the entry, as specified in the channel preferences
{rating:channel_search_result_url} The channel search results URL of the entry, as specified in the channel preferences.
{rating:channel_comment_url} The channel comment URL of the entry, as specified in the channel preferences.
{rating:count} The “count” out of the current item being displayed. If five items are being displayed, then for the fourth item the count variable would have a value of “4”.
{rating:total_entries} The total number of entries being displayed.


Conditional Description
{if rating:no_entries} This tag will conditionally display the code inside the tag if there are no items to display.


{exp:channel_ratings:top_liked_entries custom_fields="body|extended"}
                This entry has been liked {rating:likes} times!


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