Channel Ratings Documentation

Rating - Top Items Tag



Parameter Description
type REQUIRED: Channel Ratings can rate types of items.
channel Limit by channel (if applicable).
channel_id Limit by Channel ID (if applicable).
collection Limit by rating collection. Default is "default".
precision This parameter allows you to specify the number of decimals to round fractions on numerical rating fields for averages. For example, a value of 1 would give you a result like this for a rating value: 4.5. Default precision is "2".
thousands This parameter allows you to specify which character to use to separate groups of thousands in numeric rating fields. For example, a value of , would parse 10000 as 10,000. Default is , (comma). Default is ",".
fractions This parameter allows you to specify which character to indicate fractions in numeric ratings. (Decimals). Default is ".".
scale By default, Channel Ratings assumes your rating scale is 5. As in, your numerical ratings are out of 5 (ex: 1 out of 5 stars, 2 out of 5 stars, etc). You can however, change the scale to be out of “10” by specifying the scale parameter. When you specify this, the stars variable pairs will switch from the default of 5 graphic images to 10 when placed around your numerical rating value. Default is "5".
theme Since you can have your own custom themes, this parameter allows you to specify which theme to use. Default is "stars".
limit This parameter limits the number of items on any given page. The limit will default to 30 entries if a value is not specified. Default is "30".
backspace Backspacing removes characters (including spaces and line breaks) from the last iteration of the loop.
prefix This parameter allows you to change the default variable prefix used. This is especially useful when you are nesting tags to avoid variable collisions. Default is "rating".


Variable Description
{rating:item_id} The Item ID.
{rating:overall:avg} This variable outputs the overall average rating value for all fields.
{rating:overall:total} This variable outputs the total amount of ratings submitted.
{rating:overall:sum} This variable outputs the total cumulative value/score of all ratings submitted.
{rating:overall:latest_date} The date/time of the latest rating submission For date variable info see:
{rating:overall:stars} This variable outputs “star” images to construct a graphical representation of the overall average rating value
{rating:count} The “count” out of the current item being displayed. If five items are being displayed, then for the fourth item the count variable would have a value of “4”.
{rating:total_items} The total amount of items being displayed.


Conditional Description
{if rating:no_items} This tag will conditionally display the code inside the tag if there are no items to display.


<h3>Top Channel Images</h3>
{exp:channel_ratings:top_items type="channel_images"}
        {exp:channel_images:images image_id="{rating:item_id}"}
                <img src="{image:url:small}">  {rating:overall:stars} <br />


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