Frequently Asked Questions

October 9, 2019

Who owns ExpressionEngine?

Packet Tide, LLC now owns ExpressionEngine. Packet Tide is also the parent company of EEHarbor.

Will ExpressionEngine remain open source?

That is our plan, although we’re looking at everything with a fresh eye towards what is best for the platform.

How will EEHarbor support ExpressionEngine?

We are working to make this as seamless a transition as possible. EEHarbor has a tremendous amount of experience with the ExpressionEngine product and ecosystem and we are fully committed to supporting and growing the community. More announcements on this front to come in the very near future.

Will EEHarbor add-ons become part of the ExpressionEngine core?

Merging EEHarbor add-ons with ExpressionEngine core is not in our current plan. We believe in giving users of ExpressionEngine the freedom to choose which add-ons are best for their specific build. We are also very concerned with keeping the add-on marketplace fair and open to all developers. As we work on the core product functionality in the future, this will be handled on a case-by-case basis as we seek to improve the platform.

Will there be active development on new features?

Absolutely, we will continue developing new features and pushing ExpressionEngine forward. While we are in the early stages of long-term strategic planning, we already have a lot of thoughts and ideas around where to take ExpressionEngine based on our own experience. However, it’s not just about us. We are also very interested in collaborating with the ExpressionEngine community. Everyone is more than welcome to submit feedback for us to review as we consider the future of ExpressionEngine

What about ExpressionEngine 6?

Work on ExpressionEngine 6 was well underway before we acquired ExpressionEngine. Like the rest of the community, we are looking forward to the next release. Currently we are reviewing the status of version 6 after which we will determine the next steps.