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Update Profile Tag



The Update Profile tag lets you create a form for the current user to update their details, including changing their email address, password, and any custom fields.

Parameter Description
form_id Set the id attribute on the generated form.
form_name Set the name attribute on the generated form.
form_class Set the class attribute on the generated form.
return The path to redirect the user to after successfully updating the member details.
require Specify multiple pipe-separated required fields for your form. For example: require="first_name|last_name"
rule:field_name Specify SafeCracker-style validation rules for your form. For example: rules:first_name="required|min_length[5]"
error_handling Enable inline error handling by setting error_handling to "inline".
error_delimiters Specify the code you want to wrap the error messages in, if you are using inline error handling. For example:: This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges


The following input fields are available in the Update Profile form. Each field should be submitted as a standard HTML form input element. To speed things up, helper variables are available to generate the necessary HTML for you.

{email} The current member's email address.
{email_confirm} If this field exists in your form, it must match the {email} field.
{username} The current member's username.
{error:fieldname} As per the example, this will display errors for the specified fieldname, such as {error:password} or {error:email}

Custom Member Fields

{field:member_field_name} Any custom member fields can be added using standard field helpers.
{error:member_field_name} Errors can be displayed using the standard error helper.

Select fields will automatically be displayed using HTML