• Hits

Hits is a robust tracking system that allows you to track visits from unique visitors to ExpressionEngine entries as well as Channel Images, Channel Videos, Channel Files, or Brilliant Retail Products.  The tracking data can be utilized in ExpressionEngine templates in multiple ways including optional graphs.

The tracking data is available within the Control Panel through an accessory that shows you site wide tracking data as well as individual entry data on each entry page.

Hits is the most accurate way to show and utilize real tracking data in your ExpressionEngine website.


  • hits-accessory
  • hits-stats
  • hits-template-charts


  • Hits requires Expression Engine 2.1.3+


  • Track Unique Visitors
  • Utilize Tracking Data in Templates
  • Graphed Reports Per Entry
  • View Data in Entry Publish Screen
  • Robust Templating Tags
  • Track Channel Entries
  • Track Channel Categories
  • Track Channel Images
  • Track Channel Videos
  • Track Channel Files
  • Track Brilliant Retail Products

Hits In The Wild!

Current Version 2.5.3

Add-on Supports:




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