Low Seg2Cat Documentation


Low Seg2Cat v3 is compatible with EE3 and up. The EE1 and EE2 compatible versions are no longer under development, but are still available on Github.


  • Download and unzip Low Seg2Cat
  • Copy the low_seg2cat folder to your /system/user/addons directory
  • In your Control Panel, go to the Add-on Manager and click the Install-link in the Low Seg2Cat row
  • All set!
  • Upgrade

    To upgrade Low Seg2Cat from a previous version, download and overwrite the files as per the installation instructions. The add-on will be upgraded automatically.


    Search all sites

  • When set to Yes, all categories across all MSM sites will be matched. This will ignore any Category Groups selected.
  • Category Groups

  • Limit the search for matching categories by selected groups. When no groups are selected, all groups will be searched.
  • URI Pattern

  • Enter a regex pattern or leave blank. If you enter a pattern, the variables will only be registered if the current URI matches it.
  • Set all segments

  • If set to Yes, Low Seg2Cat will always set variables for all (9) segments, regardless of their presence.
  • Ignore pagination

  • If set to Yes, Low Seg2Cat will ignore the presence of a pagination segment at the end of a URI.
  • Parse file paths

  • If set to Yes, Low Seg2Cat will parse `{filedir_x}` variables inside the Category Image field.
  • Template Variables

  • {segment_n_category_id}
  • {segment_n_category_name}
  • {segment_n_category_description}
  • {segment_n_category_image}
  • {segment_n_category_parent_id}
  • {segment_n_category_group_id}
  • {last_segment_category_id}
  • {last_segment_category_name}
  • {last_segment_category_description}
  • {last_segment_category_image}
  • {last_segment_category_parent_id}
  • {last_segment_category_group_id}
  • {segment_category_ids}
  • {segment_category_ids_piped}
  • where n is the segment number. {segment_category_ids} will return an inclusive stack of all found category ids, for example: 4&12. {segment_category_ids_piped} will return an exclusive list: 4|12.


    If there are multiple categories with the same url_title, but in different groups, this extension will only return one of those. So best make sure your category url_titles are unique, or you select the relevant Category Groups in the settings so they are.


    Having problems setting up and/or using Low Seg2Cat? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at help@eeharbor.com and we will respond as quickly as we can.