Zoo Visitor

User guide

Global variables

A collection of Visitor global variables that is available on every page. Tags related to specific member profiles are only available when member is logged in.

Zoo visitor id


The id of the channel entry containing the current logged-in member details

Zoo visitor channel name


The name of the channel where all member details are stored

Zoo visitor url_title


Url title of the Zoo visitor entry

Member details


Member details of the current logged in member are available as global variables. Note: these variables are not parsed so these will work best for texts, select values, single images... special fieldtypes like playa, matrix, channel files, etc... are not parsed and will have to be accessed through the member details tag

Member id


The member id of the logged in user, parsed earlier then the normal {member_id} tag so it is available for use in other modules.

Member categories


global variable which contains the categories a member belongs to as a pipe ex. 3|7|9 This can be used as a parameter value in for example channel entries tags