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Release Notes


  • Fix: save_entry method in channel entries api
  • Fix: restore XID in login/registration/update form
  • Fix: native member field “timezone” typo
  • Fix: dynamic titles


  • Change in “settings” template name to prevent errors in the Grid fieldtype


  • EE 2.7 compatible


  • improved reset password reset_url parameter
  • Added: Custom third party theme path support


  • replaced the use of the cp library for compatibility when using the channel entries api
  • Replaced: deprecated function do_hash
  • Fix: EE2.6.1 compatibility fix for session type handling when redirecting the “view all members” & “edit profile” link (thnx to totalserve for the report)


    • Fixed: installation of channel fields results in conflict with old (EE<2.6.0) relationship columns


  • Added: EE2.6.0 compatibility
  • Added EE2.6.0 forgot password + reset password forms
  • Added: trim email field to avoid hidden space at end of input
  • Fixed: supressed php notice “Undefined property: stdClass::$flashdata” when redirecting to member edit page


  • Added: Request type allowed for PAGE
  • Fixed: Empty result in validation hook broke inline error handling


  • Fix: PHP notice when deleting members in the activate pending section
  • Fix: PHP notice when filling in an incorrect captcha
  • Fix: correct structure page_uri
  • Added: Membrr subscription hook added when installing instead of updating
  • Added: prevent browser autocomplete of password field
  • Added: option to point the Account “edit profile” to the corresponding member channel entry


  • Fix: Secure forms check compatible with ExpressionEngine v2.5.4


  • Added: Setting yes/no “Show membergroup in channel entry status”
  • Added: Setting yes/no “Redirect the ‘View all members’ link to the channel entries overview”


  • critical fix: membergroup changing in the fieldtype resulting in membergroup being set to zero


  • Removed: freebie debugging line which caused various issues


  • Fixed: membergroup change when editing member profile


  • Added: group_id variable tag in registration form


  • Added: localisation settings during registration


  • Fix: Set members as pending when manual activation by administrator is required


Fix: Correct membergroup upon activation of pending members by administrator


Fix: Set members as pending when manual activation by administrator is required


  • Fix: member birthday field compatible with Dropdate fieldtype



  • Added: Member entry status adjustment for Membrr subscriptions
  • Fix: member account deletion language file not found
  • Added: support for Rich text editor fieldtype in the update form


  • Added: member_group_id variable available in the update form
  • Updated: correct screen_name setting based on custom settings when editing other account
  • Added: id and class parameter available in forgot password tag
  • Fix: registration problem when MySQL is running in Strict mode


  • Fix: changing username ignored title_override setting in specific cases
  • Added: {visitor:global:categories_piped} global variable which contains the categories a member belongs to as a pipe
  • Added: form_action parameter in login_form
  • Added: Direct sync to native member fields in registration and update forms making it fully compatible with the most common ecommerce solutions and other addons depending on native fields.
  • Added: global variables global:visitor:field_id_x
  • Updated: correct parsing of username/screen_name tags in update form for member data which is currently being edited
  • Added: Exp:resso Store integration support
  • Added: zoo_visitor_registration_validation_start hook
  • Added: Transfer existing member data methods
  • Updates: Replaced form_id/form_class parameter in login_form (backwards compatible)
  • Added: Validation rule parameter for username, screen_name, current_password, new_password, confirm_new_password in update and registration forms
  • Added: Deleting pending members on the ‘activate pending members’ page also deleted the associated channel entry


  • Added: ability to change member group in the update form


  • Added: login form tag & AJAX login example
  • Added: logout tag
  • Added: secure action for the delete account form
  • Updated: hash function to replace deprecated function


  • Added: autologin parameter for the registration form, yes/no default yes
  • Adjusted: member publish respects the default membergroup set in member configuration


  • Fix: membergroup not saved in specific combination of locked groups in cp fieldtype
  • Added: secure_action (yes/no default:no) parameter in forgot_password form


  • Added: Delete account form tag


  • Added: option to hide “link with existing members” in CP fieldtype for non superadmins
  • Added: member_id in registration JSON response
  • Fixed: activation data array when selecting membergroup in registration form


  • Added: expiration date available as visitor:global:expiration_date
  • Added: Salted hash pair is created when registering and when updating the member password
  • Added: Choose membergroup upon registration


  • Fixed: No password required in edit profile for membergroups who have “Can administrate members accounts” privileges
  • Added: Native member fields like birthday, url, location, etc… in update/registration form


  • Added: error_delimiters parameter in registration, update and forgot_password form
  • Added: change password of members in the cp without having to provide current password for membergroups that have the rights to administer members


  • Added: specify multiple membergroups in a pipe in the member_group parameter


  • Fixed: no_results tag in members & details tag
  • Added: zoo_visitor_cp_register_end & zoo_visitor_cp_update_end hooks


  • Added: Support for native custom fields in register/update forms (compatibility with MailChimp subscriptions)
  • Added: global variable visitor:global:url_title


  • Added: {zoo_member_id} in global variables
  • Fixed: MSM installation fieldgroup visitor channel
  • Fixed: Direct login after registration when no activation is required


  • Added: require_password parameter in update form tag
  • Added: inline error handling for forgot_password form tag
  • Added: zoo_visitor_register hook at the end of a registration with the visitor registration form.
  • Fix: screen_name and title override settings now wrapped in curly brackets. example: {member_firstname}{member_lastname}


  • Added: member_id, member_entry_id, username parameters in update_form tag
  • Fix: forgot password form fix


  • Improved inline error reporting of native member fields


  • Improved entry title checks
  • Improved url_title handling based on member username/screen name
  • Fix: UI settings page when selecting username “yes”


  • public release