Zoo Visitor

User guide

Working with member Avatars and PhotosΒΆ

  1. Create a new file upload location. Set to avatar folder path as path of the upload location (“images/avatars/uploads”) For member photos this will be “images/member_photos/”
  1. Add a channel field in your Visitor channel and name it “member_avatar”
  1. Add this field in your member registration or update form
    {exp:visitor:update_form return='account/update_profile/success'}

        Member avatar: {field:member_avatar}

        Member photo: {field:member_photo}

        Member firstname: <input id="member_firstname" name="member_firstname" type="text" value="" />

        Member lastname: <input id="member_lastname" name="member_lastname" type="text" value="" />

        Gender (radiobuttons): {options:member_gender} <input id="member_gender" name="member_gender" type="radio" value="{option_value}" />{option_value} {/options:member_gender}

        Birthday (datepicker): <input id="member_birthday" maxlength="23" name="member_birthday" size="25" type="text" value="" />

        <input class="form-submit" type="submit" value="Update profile" />