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Managing native member fieldsΒΆ

Native custom member fields can be used when integrating with MailChimp/Campaign Monitor subscriptions which are handled by other extensions and depend on native fields.

Native fields like signature, url, locations etc... and custom created member fields can be managed by creating a channel field with the same name prefixed with “member_”. Changes in these channel fields will be reflected in the native fields.

Let’s say we want to update the native signature member field.

  1. Create a channel member field called “member_signature”
  2. Add the field to your registration/update form
  3. Submit your form
  4. The submitted data will be saved in the channel field as well as the native field
{exp:visitor:update_form error_handling="inline" return='account/register/success'}

        Member signature: <input name="member_signature" type="text" value="" />

        Member location: <input name="member_location" type="text" value="" />

        <input class="form-submit" type="submit" value="Update" />