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Mailchimp: subscribing to mailinglists during registration or profile updateΒΆ

For Mailchimp integration we recommend the Mailchimp Subscribe add-on http://experienceinternet.co.uk/software/mailchimp-subscribe

  1. Install Mailchimp Subscribe http://experienceinternet.co.uk/software/mailchimp-subscribe/docs/mailchimp-subscribe-installation/

  2. Select a Trigger member field and trigger value http://experienceinternet.co.uk/software/mailchimp-subscribe/docs/mailchimp-subscribe-configuration/

    Let’s say we’ve created a custom member field “newsletter_subscribe” and set the subscribe value as “yes”

  3. Create a channel field member_newsletter_subscribe (this will be the name of the native member field you created as a trigger prefixed with “member_” )

  4. Add this channel field in your profile edit or registration forms and their values will automatically be saved in their profile as in the native field.

    If the value of the field matches the trigger value, the user will be subscribed to the selected mailinglist.