At last, managing your files is just as powerful and elegant as managing the rest of your content in ExpressionEngine.

Desktop-class file management

With Assets, you can create subfolders, rename folders and files, and even drag files and folders around between your local and remote sources.

Do your photos justice

Assets lets you view your photos in big, gorgeous thumbnails sized to 230 x 153px. They’re even displayed in 2X resolution if you’re viewing them with a hi-res display.

EE, meet the cloud

Assets lets you define new asset sources located on Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, and Google Cloud Storage. They’ll show up right alongside your EE upload directories.

Fields where you want them

You can create Assets fields for your entries, your Matrix fields, and even Low Variables. Assets lets you choose which sources you want your files to come from, how you want them displayed, and even whether multiple files can be selected.

Resolve conflicts with ease

When you upload a file with the same name as another, or perform any other action that would result in a similar naming conflict, Assets lets you choose what to do.

Give your files a name

Double-click on any file to edit its metadata, including Title, Date, Caption, Author, and more.

Current Version 4.0.1

Add-on Supports: