Binder Documentation

Fieldtype Tags

Binder's fieldtype has the following tags available for use :

The url for the file
The server path for the file
The date the file was added. Format using standard ee format params, like {added_on format="%d/%m/%y"}
The source of the upload. This might be 'CP' for files uploaded via the control panel, 'Channel Form' for files uploaded via channel:form, or 'Standalone' for fields uploaded using the {exp:binder:form} standalone tag
The original file name as it was at upload. This filename may have been adjusted to sanitize and avoid naming collisions
The raw size of the file in bytes
The size of the file cleaned to be like '75 B', '23 KB', '12 MB' etc..
The extension for the file. Like : 'png', 'pdf', 'zip'
The type of file based on the extension. Currently will only return either 'image', or 'file'. (This will be expanded later as Binder becomes more filetype aware)


If you only want data about the first file in your binder field, you can use the shortcut tags in place of the tag pair. All the same variables within the tag pair are available here. Usage like :



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