ExpressionEngine 6 Add-on Status

December 16, 2020

With the upcoming release of ExpressionEngine 6, EEHarbor has released several new versions of our add-ons to support ExpressionEngine 6. Please note, in order to ensure a smooth upgrade process, it is important to upgrade our add-ons before upgrading ExpressionEngine to version 6.x.

Last Updated 01/13/2021

Add-on Status
Structure EE6 Supported
Playa EE6 Supported
Matrix EE6 Supported
SEEO EE6 Supported
Detour Pro EE6 Supported
Forms EE6 Supported
Channel Files EE6 Supported
Field Pack EE6 Supported
Wygwam EE6 Supported
Charge EE6 Supported
Low Search EE6 Supported
Low Reorder EE6 Supported
Low Variables EE6 Supported
Assets In Progress
Visitor In Progress
Safe Harbor In Progress
Channel Images In Progress
Favorites In Progress
Rating In Progress
Editor In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Safe Harbor Lite In Progress
Polls In Progress
Channel Polls In Progress
Maps In Progress
Subscriptions In Progress
Transcribe In Progress