EEHarbor Acquires Low Add-ons

January 12, 2021

Today we're pleased to announce that EEHarbor has acquired all of Low's ExpressionEngine add-ons.

Low's add-ons have long been a staple in the ExpressionEngine community, and often are referred to as "Every Site" add-ons, praised by many for their stability and user experience. It's with this in mind that Low Search and Low Variables will be rolled into the upcoming ExpressionEngine Pro release.

The upgrade of Low's add-ons to ExpressionEngine 6 is already underway; the status of which will be shared on our ExpressionEngine 6 Add-on Status post. While Low Search and Low Variables will be part of the upcoming ExpressionEngine Pro release, they will also remain for-sale independently on and in the ExpressionEngine store.

We're also pleased to announce new ExpressionEngine 6 compatible releases of Low Search, Low Variables and Low Reorder will be released today!

Existing licenses purchased from Devot:ee can be accessed via your account on