Status of Add-ons for ExpressionEngine 4

December 7, 2017

We’re excited for the launch of ExpressionEngine 4 and the many new additions it brings to developers and clients alike. We felt it was appropriate to provide a quick update on the status of our add-ons and their readiness for ExpressionEngine 4.

What’s Currently Supported

We’re happy to announce that the following add-ons are ExpressionEngine 4 compatible: Wygwam, Structure, Assets, Detour Pro, Matrix, Playa, Field Pack, Polls, Safe Harbor. The newest members of EEHarbor are also ExpressionEngine 4 compatible: Tag, Rating, Favorites, User.

Along with these Transcribe, Charge and Shortlist are still in the process of being upgraded and will be released as soon as they're ready.


ExpressionEngine 4 support falls into our standard upgrade policy and as such all valid licenses will have free access to the ExpressionEngine 4 versions of the add-ons in their account section.

If you want access to all of our add-ons and legendary support, we offer the Mega Pack Premier. It allows you to use all of our add-ons on every site you build at no additional charge.