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You've accepted the task of a multilingual website. Intimidated? Don't be. Feast your eyes on Transcribe for ExpressionEngine. Transcribe is a fully featured solution for creating multilingual websites in ExpressionEngine. Transcribe handles everything from word/phrase translation to channel entry translations and even url translation/routing!

Transcribe was built to make the process of building multilingual websites quick and easy. So, what are you waiting for? Crush the task of creating a multilingual website.

You won't be disappointed. Get Transcribe Today!

What's new in Transcribe 3?

We should list what's not new, it would be a shorter list...

Transcribe Specific Entries Tag!

Like the butterfly from the caterpillar, Transcribe has morphed into it's own entries tag.

You won't have to use transcribe="disable" anymore, your {exp:channel:entries} tag will work the way EE intended.

The new Transcribe entries tag takes all of the same parameters as the EE channel entries tag too!

Have an existing site that you can't change your channel entries tags to transcribe entries? No worries, we have added a temporary fallback config option. You can read about in our documentation.

Easier Language Management

We've revamped how languages are managed. You can now easily see which languages are enabled, have prefixes enabled and...

Language Everywhere!

Another common request is the ability to see each entry's language on the entry manager.

Not only have we added this to the Entry Manager, we've also added it on Relationship fields!

Filter by Language on Entry Manager!

If being able to see an entry's language wasn't cool enough, we've also added the ability to filter by language!

Note: This will only filter the entries already visible on the page (but it's still pretty cool).

Transcribe Tab Upgrades

It's now easier to see what entries the current entry is related to.

Many of you have mentioned that it's difficult to know what the related entries are so we've cleared that up for you!

Variable Translation Management


If entry translations are the bread and butter of Transcribe, then variables are the cutting board (I have no idea what that means).

We've massively upgraded the usability of Transcribe Variables. You can now see what variables are missing translations and adding new variables is a breeze!

You can even search for variables (finally)!

Variable Translations


In addition to being able to see which variables are missing translations, you can also edit translations on the same page (mind blown)!

You can also remove translations for a variable if you are only using it in a specific language.

Variable Groups


In addition to making the variables better, we've also added the ability to group them together!

If you wanted to edit variables from the same template, you'd have to click through multiple pages to edit each one. Now you can group like variables together so they're easier to find!

And of course, you can group a variable into multiple groups!

You can even put your groups into groups!
No, that's a lie, don't try that.

What good is grouping your variables if you can't find them? You can now filter by group too!

We even added an "Ungrouped" option so you can see which variables are sitting alone in the dark ... together (I think these metaphors are going off the rails).

Variable Management

This is different from Variable Translations; a variable can exist without a translation and until now, you could never delete them. Now, you can!

You can also see in which languages your variables are being used and in which templates.

Variables also exist across sites so if you're using MSM, this page will show you which site your variable is used in as well!

Template Tag Copy Buttons!

We've added handy copy buttons so you don't have to type out your Transcribe Replace or Translate Tags!

Missing Translations Log

Hey, it happens to all of us. You're working on your site's templates and you're jamming along and sooner or later, you put a Transcribe replace tag in that you are "going to make a variable for later" and then promptly forget to ever do that.

We've got your back, now if that happens and someone stumbles upon your page, we'll keep a record of it for you to correct!

Template Translations!

We've cleaned up the Template Translations area and added a check for lingering {path=""} tags!

We added a copy button here as well to make coding fun again!

Current Version 3.11.2

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