Transcribe FAQs

What Add-ons does Transcribe Work With

Transcribe works natively with nearly all Third Party add-ons. If you have a question about a particular one please don't hesitate to <a href="">contact us anytime!</a>

Does Structure Work with Transcribe?

Yes Transcribe version 1.5+ works with Structure (version 3.3 or later)! However you may need to uninstall the Transcribe extension (not the module) and reinstall it. Re-installing only the Transcribe extension will keep all of your current data.

Why does Transcribe drop me on the wrong URL when changing languages

Often times when people use the language switcher in Transcribe it will redirect them to an unintended URL.  It is often a URL that was last requested via aJax (or similar).  This happens since Transcribe relies on the native ExpressionEngine page tracker and it sees that as the last URL visited.  To avoid this please use the transcribe:no_match tag.

How do I get back the "Relate this entry to an existing entry" on the Transcribe tab?

This happens every now and then with custom publish layouts. If you reset the custom publish layout it should appear as intended. From there you can set up your custom publish layout again.

Does Transcribe work with the next_prev tag?

Yes, Transcribe does work with the next_entry and prev_entry tags in ExpressionEngine, please note, it requires you to use the parse="inward" parameter, Here is an example of how it works -

{exp:channel:entries channel="news" paginate="bottom" limit="1"dynamic="no" }

{exp:channel:next_entry entry_id='{exp:transcribe:entry_ids channel="news"}' parse="inward"} 
	<p>Next entry: <a href="">Transcribe</a></p> 


{exp:channel:prev_entry entry_id='{exp:transcribe:entry_ids channel="news"}' parse="inward"}
 	<p>Previous entry: <a href="">Transcribe</a></p> 

Can I use Playa with Transcribe

When using Playa with Transcribe we recommend adding the transcribe="disable" parameter to your Playa tag

Is {url_title_path} supported?

In places where you would normally use the url_title_path tag you should use the exp:transcribe:uri tag

<a href='{exp:transcribe:uri path="group/template/{url_title}"}'>Check it Out!</a>

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