Channel Images simplifies use of images within ExpressionEngine entries. With ExpressionEngine's default install you must upload individual images one at a time to individual fields or worse embed them into your text fields. Channel Images removes this default process and simplifies image management.

Channel Images unique process allows you to multi-select images and batch upload them with individual title and description within an optional category. The plugin automatically renames each image and processes actions (Resize, Crop, Etc) to meet your template needs. This process is great for applications that require the end-user to upload several images without requiring photo editing.

The simple and straight-forward interface allows for easy editing, order arranging, deleting, and selecting a cover image right from the individual entry. The module will also delete the image from the server, so no need for messy ftp cleanup. A simple "Cover Image" choice allows for simple template placement to create that custom look in your design.


  • Ci-titles-open
  • Multiple-fields
  • Ci-tiles
  • Crop image
  • batch_upload
  • Wygwam-multi
  • stored_images
  • action_groups
  • locations
  • fieldtype_settings
  • wygwam_choice
  • Zenbu integration


  • ExpressionEngine 2.3.1 or newer. (For Amazon S3, you need PHP 5.2+). EE3 and EE4 are supported.


  • Per Entry Image Gallery
  • Multiple Select Hybrid Upload (HTML5 or Flash)
  • Drag-n-Drop Image Uploading
  • Local, Amazon S3, or Rackspace Cloud Files Storage
  • CE Image Integration
  • Multiple Fields Per Entry
  • Hide your images above the web root
  • Wygwam Integration
  • 2.5 Rich Text Editor Support
  • Better Workflow Support
  • Auto Zip "Compress" Images Per Entry
  • Full Size Image Preview
  • Multiple Crop and Resize Choices
  • Regenerate Previously Uploaded Images
  • Watermark with Text or Image
  • Group Images by Category per Entry
  • Mark Image as Cover for Easy Template Display
  • Upload, Delete, Link, and Unlink within an Entry
  • Organize Images with Drag-n-Drop
  • Title & Describe Each Image Individually
  • SAEF with Safecracker v1.0.3+
  • Obfuscated Image URLs
  • Customizable Additional Fields
  • Capable of direct Image url titles
  • Supports NSM Addon Updater
  • Cross-domain AJAX Detection

Channel Images In The Wild!

  • Images1
  • Images2
  • Images3
  • Images4
  • Images5
  • Images6

Current Version 7.6.3

Add-on Supports: