Credits from DevDemon allows members to earn credits by participating on the site, which can optionally be redeemed by using Credits as a Payment Gateway in CartThrob and BrilliantRetail.

Actions to Earn Credits
1) Creating Entry
2) Creating Comment
3) Receiving Comment
4) Post Forum Topic
5) Reply Forum Topic
6) Receive Forum Reply
7) Complete Purchase in BrilliantRetail
8) Each Dollar Spent in BrilliantRetail Transaction
9) Complete Purchase in CartThrob
10) Each Dollar Spent in CartThrob Transaction
11) Leaving Ratings with Channel Ratings (All Types)
12) Liking/Disliking Items with Channel Ratings (All Types)
13) Favorite Entry with Solspace Favorites
14) Credits for Tweets with specific text (ex. HashTags) on Twitter
15) Credits for New Member Registration

1) Ability to reward credits for amount of credits accumulated in given time period

Credit Usage
1) Show credit accumulation Per Member
2) Use credits for purchase in BrilliantRetail
3) Use credits for purchase in CartThrob

Logging of all credit accumulation and usage


  • Actions
  • Actions
  • Actions
  • Rules
  • Log
  • BrilliantRetail Gateway
  • CartThrob Gateway


  • Credits requires Expression Engine 2.1.3 or newer


  • Member Credit System
  • Give Credits for an assortment of actions
  • Credit Payment Gateway for CartThrob
  • Credit Payment Gateway for BrilliantRetail
  • Extensive Template Options
  • Supports NSM Addon Updater

Credits In The Wild!

Current Version 2.5.4

Add-on Supports:




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