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Welcome to the world's most Beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG html editor. DevDemon's Editor for ExpressionEngine uses Redactor to deliver a clean, light and overall amazing experience to all of your text fields. Editor works as a WYSIWYG for default fields, matrix fields, and Low Variables. Upload Images and Files to your content with jQuery ease.

With other WYSIWYG's for ExpressionEngine you can easily get confused of where opening and closing tags are. It becomes easy for a novice content administrator to garble tags and mess up layouts. With Editor's Visual Mode you can easily see separations of closing tags and build complex pages with ease.

Want to keep your publish page clean and not show several toolbars at once on your Matrix fields? With Editor Air mode highlight your content and use the "hovering" toolbar to edit your content. Easy to use, beautiful, powerful and affordable with our Developer licenses.


  • Editor visual mode
  • Editor settings
  • Editor field settings
  • Editor configs
  • Editor advanced
  • Editor bar
  • Editor upload
  • Editor low variables
  • Editor matrix
  • Editor air mode


  • ExpressionEngine 2.3.1+. IE 8+


  • jQuery WYSIWYG
  • Image & File Upload (Separate Folders)
  • Low Variables & Content Elements Support
  • Matrix Support
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Amazon S3 Support
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Visual Mode
  • Air Mode
  • Auto Height
  • Tag Limit Controls
  • Focus onLoad

Editor In The Wild!

Current Version 5.1.0

Add-on Supports: