• Entry Mapper

Entry Mapper is the first absolute positioning entry system for ExpressionEngine. For years to create a custom absolute positioned map or image map within ExpressionEngine it all had to be hand made or require the content administrator to use difficult manual adjustments. Well these days are behind you!

Now simply upload an image of your choice, choose entry channels and simply drag and drop the entries on to exact locations. With simple tags you can make nearly any layout your heart desires. The tag will automate the absolute positions to your template so you are only limited by your creativity.


  • Entry map2
  • Map
  • Entry map3
  • Entry map1


  • Requires ExpressionEngine 2.2+ without fieldtypes - 2.6+ with fieldtypes.


  • Direct Map Upload
  • Easy Template Options
  • Drag-n-drop Mapping

Entry Mapper In The Wild!

  • Mapper1
  • Mapper2
  • Mapper3
  • Mapper4

Current Version 2.0.0

Add-on Supports: