Members of many forums would like to receive notification of any new topic within a certain forum to stay more connected. Until now forum users were required to sign up through a third party service to receive notification and this was only if the forum had a proper RSS feed. This is no longer needed with DevDemon’s Forum Subscribe 1.0.

With Forum Subscribe you can add member managed forum subscriptions to keep your community more connected then ever.

Visit to view a great tutorial on using Forum Subscribe with AJAX for easy forum based subscribing.


  • subscribe_screen2
  • subscribe_screen1


  • ExpressionEngine 2.4.0


  • Allow Members to Subscribe to Forums
  • Customize Email Template for Subscriptions
  • Custom Template Capability for Subscription Management

Forum Subscribe In The Wild!

EE2 Version 2.3.4
EE3 Version 3.0.0
EE4 Version --