Geofinder brings the power of "location based" search to ExpressionEngine — allowing you to create useful, meaningful tools that add serious value for users.


This module enables you to create store locator type functionality with your ExpressionEngine entries. Of course, your content must have latitude and longitude data associated with it. See Geotagger for an easy way to capture latitude/longitude data.

How does Geofinder work?

A simple form gathers user entered address and radius (in miles) and queries ExpressionEngine entries to find matches within the defined radius. Results are sorted by the closest distance and result URL’s are bookmarkable for easy sharing.


  • Geofinder form finds content within user-defined address, city, state and radius
  • Geofinder results show distance in miles and give access to latitude/longitude data for creating maps or driving directions to/from a location.
  • Geofinder creates linkable results for easy sharing

Current Version

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