Low Reorder Documentation


The latest version (v3) is compatible with EE3+ and requires a minimum of EE 3.1.0+. The legacy version (v2) is compatible with EE2 and requires EE 2.4.0+. One license allows you to install one of these versions on a live website.


ExpressionEngine 3 & 4

  • Download and unzip the latest version of Low Reorder.
  • Copy the low_reorder folder to your /system/user/addons directory.
  • In your Control Panel, go to the Add-on Manager and install Low Reorder.
  • All set!

ExpressionEngine 2

  • Download and unzip the legacy version of Low Reorder.
  • Copy the low_reorder folder to your /system/expressionengine/third_party directory.
  • In your Control Panel, go to Add-Ons → Modules and click the Install-link in the Low Reorder row.
  • Select to install both the Low Reorder extension and module.
  • All set!


To upgrade Low Reorder from a previous version, download and overwrite the files as per the installation instructions. Then just visit the module page in your Control Panel, and the add-on will be upgraded automatically.

Upgrade to 2.0

Low Reorder 2.0 no longer makes use of channel fields to keep track of the entry order. Instead, Sets are used for more flexibility. During the upgrade, Sets are created automatically based on the channel/field combinations present. Please note that in Low Reorder 1, all possible channel/field combinations are listed in the module page. When upgrading to 2.0, only combos that have settings and a custom order saved at least once are migrated, which could lead to less sets than before. So, when upgrading, make sure the channel/field combos you want to migrate to Sets have their settings/order saved at least once.

Once upgraded, the existing reorder fields will have been changed to native text fields (instead of deleted) so your templates keep working while you make the necessary changes. For example:

        {exp:channel:entries channel="services" orderby="low_reorder_field" sort="asc"}
            <!-- channel variables here -->

should be changed to

        {exp:low_reorder:entries set="my_set"}
            <!-- channel variables here -->

…where my_set is the relevant Set ID or name. Any other parameters used for filtering entries are set automatically by the low_reorder:entries tag. All code inside the tag pair can remain the same and will work identically to the channel:entries tag.

Once you’ve changed all the tag pairs to use the low_reorder:entries tag, you can delete the deprecated Low Reorder channel fields (now Text fields).

Compatible add-ons

Some other add-ons are compatible with Low Reorder, in that they can display (filtered) entries by Low Reorder Set. For these add-ons, use orderby="low_reorder:set_name", along with the category parameter to target the right Low Reorder Set. Add-ons currently supported are:

  • Low Search
  • Playa


Having problems setting up and/or using Low Reorder? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at help@eeharbor.com and we will respond as quickly as we can.