Safe Harbor FAQs

How can I delete old backups?

Backups are automatically removed from the system once you hit the space quota set in the settings page of the module.

Why are there multiple files in the backup I downloaded?

Safe Harbor currently works with a full and differential backup combination. In older versions of Safe Harbor, when you download a backup you will find two archives: one (which is usually considerable larger) will be a full backup and the second (smaller archive), corresponds to the differential for the day you downloaded the backup.

I just installed Safe Harbor now what?

The first thing to do is hit the "Backup Now" button. After that it's not a bad idea to make sure you can download your backups from the links in the control panel.

What versions of ExpressionEngine are supported?

Safe Harbor supports both ExpressionEngine 2&3 if you need it for EE 1.x please get in touch!

What's a 'Full backup'

A Full backup is simply a backup of your ExpressionEngine database and ALL of the files in the path you specified.

What's a 'Differential backup'?

A Differential backup is a backup of your ExpressionEngine database and all of the files that have been changed since your last Full backup.

Where is my database stored?

By default, in a Safe Harbor backup, you will find your database in "system/expressionengine/cache/safeharbor_backups/current_backup/" folder. It should be named with a safeharbor_unixtimestamp.sql ( ex. safeharbor_1325817627.sql). Please remember if you're ever looking to download just the DB (or any other single file) you can simply hit the search button next to a backup in your control panel.

Does Safe Harbor automatically trigger the backup for my site?

In the past Safe Harbor would trigger your site backup for you.  This along with the Trigger URL is no longer in use.  You now need to setup a CRON job to the CRON URL in the Safe Harbor Settings.

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