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Control Panel

The Tag add-on control panel allows you to manage tags and Tag preferences.

Tag Fields in Publish page

Tags can be created/selected in the Publish page of the CP while creating or editing an entry. They can also be added to entries via Channel Form. You can have as many Tag fields (and groups) as you wish, as Tag is a field type. In doing so, you can have different sets (groups) of tags in your system. This means that in your pages you can show different lists of tags in the system when you filter it down by a specific Tag group. It also means that you can do other things like view entries that contain a specific tag for either any Tag field, or for a specific Tag field.

Each Tag field contains an input field with auto-suggest for entering tags. Just type in the tag name and hit Enter on your keyboard. Also available is a Suggest Tags feature to have Tag look through all of your custom fields for the current entry and see if any words match existing tags in the system. Those suggestions can then be clicked to assign them to the current entry. And lastly, there's a Top Tags line that will display the top tags. You can click on any of those tags to assign them to the current entry. To remove any tags that are assigned to an entry, simply click the X beside the tag where the currently assigned tags are (right below the input field).

For more information, please see documentation on Creating & Using Tag Fields.

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Manage Tags

You can view and manage all tags with this page. It allows you to delete tags from the system, as well as mark them as Bad which stops them from being re-entered or shown in the front end templates. You can also combine several tags into one tag, should any overlap, etc. This will automatically update the affected tags across all entries.

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Combining Tags

If you wish to combine 2 tags into a single tag, here's how to do so:

  • Go to the Tag control panel area.
  • Click on the Manage Tags nav item.
  • Click on the name of the tag that you wish to have combined with another tag. For example, if you wish to have apples and oranges combined into a single tag of oranges, you would click on apples.
  • In the field where you can edit the tag name, type in the name you want it to be (to continue the example above, you would type in oranges).
  • Click Update Tag button.
  • If the name you renamed the tag to is the same as another existing tag, the 2 tags will merge into a single tag.

Manage Bad Tags

You can designate bad tags using the Manage Bad Tags page of the CP. A bad tag is a word or phrase that you do not want submitted into the system, or showing up on the front end templates. You can add new bad tags to the list or you can indicate existing tags as bad tags by clicking the Bad Tag link in the Manage Tags page of the CP.

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Note that if a tag exists in the system at the time that you designate it as a bad tag, it is not deleted from the system. Rather, the tag is filtered from output in the various functions. If you wish to delete a tag, use the Manage Tags page of the CP.

Tag Groups

This page will display a list of all available Tag groups in your system. You can view, add, and edit existing Tag groups here, as well as view stats on how many tags exist for each group.

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Update Tag Counts

This utility is available for running a recount on your site. If there are any calculations out on how many tags there are, and how many entries each tag has been assigned to, running this utility should fix those counts.

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Tag Field Sync

This utility is available for use if you upgraded from Tag 3.x or 4.x and used the old Tag publish tab approach. It's purpose is to synchronize your new tag fields (that use the field type approach) with tags from the previous Publish tab approach, primarily for the reason of being able to search on Tag fields. Tag 5.x (and 4.x) stores the tags in both the field and a seperate Tag database table. Because the upgrade is not retroactive in filling the new Tag fields with a copy of the tags (unless you manually update each entry), this feature essentially backfills your Tag field(s) with the tags. If your site started with Tag 4.x, this utility is not necessary for you.

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Many Tag field specific preferences are stored directly within the Tag field itself. See documentation on Creating Tag Fields for more information.

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Demo Templates

If you wish to load the demo templates for Tag, go to this tab. Then just create a prefix name for the sample data such as test_ or tag_, and click the Install Demo Templates button.

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Having problems setting up and/or using Tag? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at help@eeharbor.com and we will respond as quickly as we can.