SEEO Documentation

SEEO - Modern Meta Management for ExpressionEngine


SEEO lets you easily add Open Graph data, Twitter Card data, and SEO meta details to your ExpressionEngine Entries, giving you control over how people see your pages when they are shared on social media, as well as improve your search engine optimization. You may use the native ExpressionEngine File Browser or EEHarbor's Assets for image selection. Quickly review the status of each entry's metadata using the handy Audit feature.


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What SEEO Does

When you install SEEO, a new tab will show up on your entry's publish form with the following fields:

Standard Meta Fields

  1. Title - Used in place of the Entry Title when sharing on social media
  2. Description - A brief description of what the page is about
  3. Keywords - Keywords providing details of what is on the page
  4. Author - The person or organization responsible for the content
  5. Canonical URL - The permalink for this entry
  6. Robots Directive - Tells search engine robots whether or not to index this content

Open Graph Fields

  1. Title - Specific title for Open Graph enabled websites
  2. Image - Image preview of the page
  3. Description - Specific description for Open Graph enabled websites
  4. Type - Tells search engines and social media platforms what kind of content the page contains such as Website, Video, Photo, etc.
  5. URL - Specific url for Open Graph enabled websites

Twitter Card Fields

  1. Title - Specific title for Twitter Card
  2. Description - Specific description for Twitter Card
  3. Type - Twitter Card preview type
  4. Image - Twitter Card preview image

Sitemap Options

  1. Sitemap Priority - Measure of where this page ranks in the overall priority of the site
  2. Change Frequency - How often the content on this page changes
  3. Include in Sitemap? - Indication whether the page should be eligible for inclusion in the sitemap

System Requirements

ExpressionEngine 3+ PHP 5.4+


Having problems setting up and/or using SEEO? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at and we will respond as quickly as we can.