SEEO Documentation


In order to get up and running with SEEO, you will first need to do a bit of configuration. Navigate to the module settings page and click on "SEEO Settings" in the left sidebar. Here you can provide global default values that will be used if you don't enter any values for a specific entry and don't have any channel defaults. Channel defaults are the same as the global defaults, except on a per-channel basis. You can edit these by clicking on "Audit" in the left sidebar and entering your values here.

For both the global and channel defaults, you can set values such as the default file browser, default meta values, and manage sitemap preferences.

These settings can be configured on a per Channel basis.

File Browser

Default File Browser

SEEO can use EEHarbor's Assets module for file management in place of the default ExpressionEngine file browser. If you don't have Assets installed, SEEO will simply use ExpressionEngine's file browser instead.

Caution: It's not a good idea to switch back and forth between the two file browser types once you've added images to your entries as it will cause any images added to either the OG Image field or the Twitter Image field to become disconnected.

Enable/Disable SEEO Per Channel

SEEO provides per-Channel customization for display of meta fields through the ExpressionEngine Channel Layout system. You can hide the entire SEEO Tab, hide individual fields, or move fields to other tabs in the Publish form.

Default Standard Meta

Use this section to provide the default meta data for Site Title, Title Divider, Description, Keywords, and Author that should be used when an Entry is missing content for one or more of the above fields. You can use SEEO's Audit feature to quickly see what Entries are missing meta data.

The title allows for {title} variable to be used and will parse out in the single tag to be the entries EE title. Likewise, Canonical URL setting can use the {url_title} in it.

Default Standard Meta

Default Open Graph Data & Default Twitter Card Data

In the event your Channel has Open Graph/Twitter Card Data enabled, and a given entry is missing any data for OG: Title, OG: Description, OG: Type, OG: URL, or OG: Image fields, it will default back to the values you provide here.

Default Open Graph

Default Twitter

SEEO Social Media Template

The code in this field will output {exp:seeo:single} into your ExpressionEngine template.


The following variables are available:

  • {title}
  • {keywords}
  • {description}
  • {author}
  • {robots}
  • {canonical_url}
  • {og_description}
  • {og_title}
  • {og_type}
  • {og_url}
  • {og_image}
  • {twitter_content_type}
  • {twitter_title}
  • {twitter_description}
  • {twitter_image}


Having problems setting up and/or using SEEO? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at and we will respond as quickly as we can.