• Tagger

Tagger is a full featured tagging module for ExpressionEngine 2. It allows you to tag entries, create tag clouds, show all entries with certain tags, and the ability to Group tags for easier template management. All this power for free! Register on our website and you can download the module at no cost.


  • Dual Field Ui (with Top Tags Box)
  • Single Field UI (Without Top Tags Box)
  • Field Type Settings
  • Module Control Panel
  • Tagger Settings
  • Solspace Import


  • Tagger requires ExpressionEngine 2.1.1 or newer


  • Tag Entries
  • Tag Grouping (Topics)
  • Tag Cloud
  • Safecracker Compatible

Tagger In The Wild!

EE2 Version 3.2.1
EE3 Version 4.0.0
EE4 Version --