Charge Documentation

Email Receipts

There are two methods you can use to send email receipts after purchases, and you can also show receipt copies on your site directly :

Emails from Stripe the simplest to configure, but you have no control over the content beyond a logo and basic business information. Emails from your site can contain any information you'd like and are very flexible, but take more setup.

Emails Direct from Stripe

In your Stripe account dashboard, under Account Settings, enable Stripe emails from the Emails tab.

The content of the email is limited, and you have no direct control over the contents beyond your business details. It'll look something like this :

Note: Emails from stripe are only sent for live mode transactions.

Emails from your Site

If you need more control over the contents of the emails you can use Actions to send emails, direct from your site templates. With these you have full contol over styles and content, and can be more useful if you need extra details.

To enable email receipts, in the Charge CP, add an Action, with the email details you want. Check out the full documentation on Actions to see the process in detail. You'll have options for email subject, email template. Additionally you can send a different email to site admins or any address you require, such as

When you've configured your email options, you just need to add a parameter to your payment form with the shortname of the action. So, if we've created an action called 'email_receipts', we'd update our payment form like so :

    on_success="email_receipts" ..}

Emails are sent immediately after a successful payment, and use your site's email configuration.

In the email template and subject, all the variables from {exp:charge:info} relating to this payment are directly available

Additionally, it may be useful to add a link back to an on-site copy of the receipt

On-site Receipts

Using the {exp:charge:info} tag, you can display the same information from the email, direct on your site. In your email, you might have a link like :{hash}

Then on your site, in the payments / receipts template, us the {exp:charge:info} tag like :


To show all the same information as in your emailed receipt.


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