Charge Documentation

Webhook Callbacks

Stripe provides callbacks after actions. Charge can use these callbacks to deal with recurring transactions.

Note: You don't need to setup these webhooks unless you're using recurring payments with member subscriptions. We only use these to trigger emails and subscription actions

The webhooks are listed in Charge's CP Settings page. They'll look like this :

Copy and paste these values into your Stripe account's dashboard. Found under Your Settings > Account Settings > Webhooks, and will look something like this :

Note: The webhook urls need to be publicly accessible, so to test, your site will need to be on a public server. (ie. local development won't work)

To test the webhooks are coming through correctly there's a Callback Log in the Charge CP, found under Settings > Callback Log.

Need a hand getting your webhooks working correctly? Email Support and we'll help you out.


Having problems setting up and/or using Charge? Support is offered from 10am to 4pm EST weekdays. Send us an email at and we will respond as quickly as we can.