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Subscriptions are a simple way to manage members, their member groups and various emails that are part of a standard membership site.

Subscriptions can be triggered by Actions after a successful transaction. Once a member is added to a subscription, the various rules as defined in the subscription are enforced. That covers Success member group, Failure member group, and emails for Welcome, Recurring and Failure emails.


Create a new Subscription in the Charge CP > Subscriptions. When you've created the Subscription, just tie it to an Action. Simply add the 'on_success' param to your {exp:charge:form} and bingo, you're done.

Note: The user will need to be logged in during the purchase for the member to be added to the subscription (obviously). Guest purchases will be ignored for any subscriptions

Note: To properly use Subscriptions, you'll need to setup the Webhook Callback URLs in your Stripe account.


Success Member Group
The member group the user will be moved to after a successful purchase.
Failure Member Group
The member group the user will be moved to (if) their recurring payment fails. A failure can be caused by their payment being declined, their subscription ending (ie. if an Admin stops their plan from the Stripe dashboard), or other reasons.
Welcome Email
A welcome email to send to the member when they join the subscription and are moved to the success member group
Recurring Payment
A recurring email that's sent after each successful recurring payment
Subscription End
An email sent when the user's subscription fails. Sent at the same time as the member moved to the Failure Member Group
Subscription Updated New in 1.10.0
An email when the customer joins this subscription from a different subscription plan. ie. When the user upgrades/downgrades between plans via the front-end {exp:charge:update_plan_form} tag


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