Transcribe Documentation

Channel Entries

Translating your channel entry data is also very easy. When publishing a new entry, you will see a new tab labeled 'Transcribe'.

On this tab you can associate which language this new entry will be assigned to. Once you save this entry, return to the edit screen and click the Transcribe tab again and you will see another section labeled 'Associated Entries'. Associated Entries is a list of all the translations of this entry. If one does not exist, click the language and you will be brought to a new publish page where you can create it.

You do not have to associate translations with every entry. You can just assign the language to a new entry and it will show for that language only.

With Transcribe you can also output more then one language in a given exp:transcribe:entries loop. To do this you simply add the following parameter to your exp:transcribe:entries tag


Using this parameter on the ExpressionEngine channel entries loop will display entries in the current language a visitor is viewing the site in as well as entries in the pipe "|" delimited languages that there aren't related entries in the current language for.

When using this parameter you also get the following variables in the channel entries loop. You can use these in conjunction with the Transcribe URI tag to output the appropriate language specific links.



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