Transcribe Documentation

Dynamic Field Replacement

Dynamic Field replacement is particularly useful for RTL (Right To Left) languages in ExpressionEngine. Dynamic Field Replacement removes the need to write logic in your template to display your Right To Left fields.

To use Dynamic Field Replacement you simply create a second (for RTL) field where needed and give it the same field name as the main one, with the exception on adding a "__" (double underscore) followed by your language abbreviation(s) for your RTL languages. Each additional Right To Left language you would like this field to apply to you simply add a single underscore and the language abbreviation for those languages as well.

If you have a field named "blog_body", and you created a second field for Hebrew and Arabic (your Right To Left languages) you would give that field a name of blog_body__he_ar

In your template you would then only need to have your {blog_body} tag and Transcribe will render the content found in your blog_body_he_ar field when Hebrew or Arabic is the current language being viewed on the site.


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