Transcribe Documentation

Config File Language Assignment

The purpose of this config parameter is to specify the language you would like to be used when there isn't a language abbreviation found in the URL.

When using this variable on a standalone site the following format should be used.

    $config['transcribe_no_abbr'] = "en";

When setting the language to be used when no language abbreviation is present on MSM sites the following format should be used.

    $config['transcribe_no_abbr']['default_site'] = 'en';
    $config['transcribe_no_abbr']['second'] = 'es';

When using Structure with Transcribe you can also set the order that the languages will show up in Structure with the following config parameter.

Please note, this config parameter required all languages to be set in a comma separated string.

    $config['transcribe_structure_tab_order']= 'en,es,fr';


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