Forms Documentation

The following will be a guide for how to set up conditionals around form tools so that they can be chosen to display only when certain other parts of the form are met.

Consider the following case, we have a form that asks for how long the user had been married in years but we only want that tool to show up in the form if they have answered a certain way in a previous tool.

To make it so the second tool only appears when the toggle has been selected to the Married option, double click into the number tool and go to the conditional tab up top

Turning on the conditional, we will show the field if all of the following are met. These can be switched to hide this for reveresed logic and any can replace all if the form needs to act if only one condition out of a group is met.

Save the tool settings and the form as well and now the number tool will only appear when the married radio option is selected.

It is worth noting that the value in the conditional should match the value in the tool it is based off of. NOT the label. To loop back on our example, note that the radio has a value and label as seperate. We use the value First in our condtional.


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