Forms Documentation

Address Tool

This tool is useful for quickly getting billing or shipping information. The settings in the tool allow for hiding different parts of the tool if they are not applicable to you. For exmple, if the zip is not needed you can simple turn that to hidden.


Using this will add in a captcha test when forms are being entered. If using the latest Captcha (reCAPTCHA v3) you must have the site key and secret key saved in your Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Captcha of the control panel (This is outside of the forms addon and only avalable to EE6+)

Date Tool

This allows for simple date entries and allows for users to set the format that they want the data in. The "Date Drop Down" option will have the months days and years all appear in a dropdown format style while the "Date Field" will show them as input for the user.

In this example, the format will always come in as DD/MM/YYYY and the input will be shown as dropdowns for those filling in the form.


This allows for quick name input, prefixes and suffixes can be turned on or off in the tool settings.


This allows for a number input and the max and min of this can be set as well as what delimeter to use for thousands place and the decimal place.

Phone number

Allows for the easy input of phone numbers, the extensions, area code and contry codes can all be selected to be shown or not.

In this example, all of those would be shown and the format would be using the (XXX) - XXX - XXXX


This tool allows for time input. It has the ability to use 12 or 24 hour format as input.


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