Forms Documentation

Email notifications can be sent to specified Administrators and to the user who sumbitted the form.

Notifications are set per form, in the form 'Notifications' tab. In the Notification tab, you can enable Admin and User notifications independently and specify the use of an existing email template or create custom template for each response.

Email templates

The following variables are available in the email templates:

Form variables

{form:label} {form:short_name} {form:id} {fentry_id} if available {fentry_hash} if available

Pre-formatted date variables

{date:usa} Formatted month/day/year {date:eu} Formatted day/month/year {datetime:usa} Formatted month/day/year hour:minute am/pm {datetime:eu} Formatted day/month/year hour/minute

User session variables

{user:referrer} {user:ip_address} {user:user_agent} {user:member_id} {user:primary_role_id} {user:group_id}

URL varaibles

{url:current} {url:referrer} {url:mark_as_read}

GET variables

Any $_GET variables present in the form URL


Server variables

Any $_SERVER variables available


Form fields loop

All form fields can be accessed in the Form fields loop. Multi-select values will be shown as a comma delimited string, and conditionals can be used to vary your display.

{field:label} {field:value} {field:count}


        {field:label} {field:value} {field:count}
        {if '{field:value}' == 2}I am 2 {field:value}{/if}

Form fields single variables

Simple form variables can be shown outside of the form fields variable pair by prefixing with 'field'. For example: {field:field_name}


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