Forms Documentation

Page Tools

In general, page tools will be used to format your forms to have different styles. The Fieldset, columns, and pagebreak tools can all be used for this.


The Number of Columns you want to appear on your form can be selected with these tools and then, different form tools can be placed into each of these columns.

For example, In the following picture we have placed a 2 Columns tool into the form and then we have placed 2 seperate checkbox tools one in each of the columns.

This will split the two checkboxes into 2 columns on the rendered page.


The Fieldset tool works in a similar way to columns in that other tools can be place inside of it. First add the fieldset to the form and then add other tools into it to group your tools together by certain categories.

For example, In the following picture we have placed a Text Box tool and a Multi Select tool into a fieldset tool by dragging them into the fieldset once it was placed first.


The Pagebreak tool allows users to split the form into multiple pages. To seperate what shows up on which page, place the tools either above or below the pagebreak tool.

For example, In the following picture we will have the fieldset example from earlier show up on the first page and the column example will appear on our second page of the form.


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